Strop - For Straight Razor Stropping

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Straight Razor Leather & Cloth Strop.
Perfect for caring for your razor.
- Handmade Quality
- Heavy Stitching
- Metal Clasp and Ring
- Leather Handles

About Strops

Strops For Close Shaving

For the elegance and comfort of straight razor shaving, it is of course essential to have a well sharpened razor. A strop is the critical tool, and knowing how to strop is the critical skill. There are actually a variety of strops available on the market, and there are reasons to prefer certain kinds, like the strop above or one of our other strops.

How to Strop

Stropping is a precise process in which a straight razor is likely to make or break the razor's edge. If you experience an abrasive shave and assume that the difficulty is your shaving technique, you might want to review the methods of stropping. After honing on a stone, a strop, which is a strip of leather that clips onto a stationary surface, finishes the blade. It gives the edge a final polish.

You may want to choose a wider and longer strop to most effectively hone the blade. The R. Cogburn Large Hanging Leathor Strop is a perfect example. There are two things that affect the sharpness of your blade when you strop. The tightness of the strop and the pressure with which you apply the blade. The strop should actually be very tight, while you should only apply a gentle pressure with the blade. Push the spine of the blade first, rather than the blade. Use long movements at a gentle speed with light pressure.

If the strop is not wide enough to span the length of the blade, pull the razor diagonally across the strop. The more narrow the strop, the more intentional you will need to be about the process. The more comfortable you are with the motion, the faster you can strop.

Stropping guarantees that you will keep a razor sharp, clean, and in good condition, and all of this contributes to a smoother, closer shave.