J2Customs 7/8" "Haliotis" Custom Razor with Beautiful Blue Abalone Scales

  • $599.00

J2Customs "Haliotis"

Custom Razor with Blue Abalone Scales

There is a natural order of the world, an ease with which things flow and fit together.

For centuries man has been in pursuit of recreating the lines and curves that nature has so effortlessly mastered. You can see it in the sleek lines of a boat, a perfectly balanced golf club, a well-tailored suit, or the curves of a roadster as it hugs the road.

My name is Jesse. California born and Idaho raised. As a parkour enthusiast, I've studied nature's lines and curves and have learned to use it to my advantage. Taking what I've learned, I strive to create a shaving experience like no other. Nothing is more satisfying than finding the perfect fit.


- 7/8" High Carbon Steel Razor

- Beautiful Custom Blue Abalone Scales

- Shave Ready out of the package!