DOVO 6/8 Blades Grim Edition Razor With Luxury Shave Set

  • $194.99

The Best Deal Available on a Shave Ready - DOVO Straight Razor Luxury Set!
Shave Ready DOVO Blades Grim Edition 6/8" Straight Razor with Luxury Shaving Set. Made in Germany.

Buy your DOVO Straight Razors with us and you will always get the following with all new DOVO Straight Razor purchases:

- Free Lifetime Hone, Strop & Polishing ($49.99 Value)
- Leather Razor Strop For Superior Sharpening
- Classic Razor Box with Gold Etching
- Blades Grim Luxury Shave Set With Synthetic Brush, Blades Grim Shave Soap, and Gold Scuttle
- Fast and Courteous Customer Service

-Lifetime Sharpening/Hone Service

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