Alex Jacques Custom Red G10 High Detail

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Alex Jacques Custom Red G10 High Detail
The beauty of this razor is unparalleled. As with any work of art that Alex creates this blade is honestly a masterpiece to behold.
* O1 tool steel hardened to HRC 60 giving a long-lasting edge that isn't impossible to hone. * 7/8" wide blade. * 100% hand made by Alex Jacques. * organic flowing blade shape with a smiling edge. * Intricate hand applied stippling all over the spine and tang. * Stamped maker's mark. * Red G10 scales (a high strength fiberglass/epoxy laminate that is impervious to all but the most extreme liquid, chemical, and temperature changes). * New "bracing system" instead of the usual wedge/spacer. Fully functional with a more modern look. Made of brass and stainless steel. * Adjustable stainless steel pivot pins (front and back). * Phosphor-Bronze pivot bearing washers. * Nickel-silver wedge/spacer pin with stainless steel washers. * Shave-ready.
Don't let this blade get away it will not last long.