A Vintage Razor with Strop and Shave Set

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These are Premium Restored Shave Ready Vintage Straight Razors. Includes a shave set and 3" synthetic strop kit for $169.99!

These blades are fully restored vintage blades manufactured in Germany, England, or U.S. They range from a wide variety of Solingen, Sheffield, and other manufacturers. From Dubl Duck, Dovo, Boker, J.A. Henckels and countless others.

Today's Deal Includes:
You Get 1 - Shave Ready Mix Bag Vintage Straight Razor
You Get 1 - 3" Synthetic Razor Strop For Superior Sharpening
You Get 1 - Blades Grim Luxury Shaving Set (Grim Blades Gold Luxury Soap, Luxury Synthetic Shaving Brush)
You Get 1 - Future Professional Hand Hone, Strop and Polish Service
You Get 1 - Classic Razor Box with Gold Etching
Buy Now for only $169.99

These blades are estate blades. They will shave well and are well restored. They are not N.O.S. (new old stock). They have been used and will show signs of use. However they are fine shavers.
Lifetime sharpening included!